For you who want to sing digitally in my choir

PEOPLE'S CHOIR - from around the World

this song from my feature film E: 

press: LIVE IN LOVE - that is all

It only takes 30 seconds to sing it.

You gather people from different ages, the more the more fun.

Someone films you all, if with a mobile, film with it lengthwise

to get a comprehensive picture.

You have my music in the background when you sing

so it will be exactly the same thythm and tunes.

Feel free to move to the song so it becomes more alive.

Sing the song ones.

You send the film to me, for example via sprend mail.

I put your film into my film.

I allso need a beautiful, tipical photo from your city / country,

that you or someone else has taken. You mail it to me 

and I put it into the song, 

and I make it like a postcard with the text

Love greetings from...

It will be many postcards from all over the world...

This huge project must take the time it takes, maybe a year,

since I ask people in the whole world. And I want a good end result.

I will develop my music more in different ways;

vocals, more instruments and so on…

The final song start with Gitte saying:

First of all… Live in Love to myself… Then...

And then the song comes

After that the World is waiting for us...

Hug to all of you who make my Dream come true! from Gitte.

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Print on shirts or posters, back