From me to you, my hopefull climate-song (song: Gitte, X) You can:  sing / play the melody in smaller parts, CHOIR, ORCHESTRA, use parts of the song at demonstrations, as you like... or,
you can use the whole SLIDESHOW on a large screen at lectures… ALL IS FOR FREE. 


My new song about human climate and nature climat. Mother Earth, she's crying and me with her. A bird, via drills on the flute tries to comfort her. She is sad because the human being don't manage enough, 
neather humanity nor the climate and equality and freedom, they really belong together. Music is magic and engages in many different ways. As long as I live I will keep on music as concerning the climate and injustice. 
Give education to everyone and population grow will decrease, good for the climate. The earth's resources are enogh for everyone if they are distributed evenly. We can make room for everyone… 
Our wonderful world can be a better place for all of us. Me myself am waiting for: MOTHER EARTH, SHE'S SMILING.
Never give up! Music is really magic! After many years of agony and struggle with one in my vicinity I finaly can begin to see the light and the hope! My new song gave us Victory. 
Ask me personally if you want to know more… It's not the first time that music has helped me in meeting people who suffer distress in different ways. And conserning the climate struggle we need the magic music. I do beleive in us all!    

Thank you, Gitte!
It is absolutely Beautiful!!! Just stunning! We have listened several dozen times… My son is playing it over and over. It really speaks to him! I love the video and recognized many people in the photos. 
It is wonderful that X and you have collaborated on this Amazing song. The voices blend so harmoniously; it is like a meta-message that we need to estasblish harmony with Mother Earth! 
It is especially heartening that the song is a shared of a mother and X. We must spread it worldwide! Thank you again! Excellent Music. Great idea for people when they are on strike.

"Forgive us, my generation didn't know... 
but now, this is it, come on now!