- for a better World

- films that touch, a gift to the PEOPLE from me, Gitte


SORRY for what my generation did to it all!

I will now do something about it, here me call:

Via my committed films for free.


Well, in 2019 I was out every other day and talked climate with the People + invited them to my climate music with engaging lyrics. Before that I offered a lot of Charity Concerts with my Choir-Orchestra TONARIA. And now my films. These films you also can use in the schools. The films are enlightening, revealing but also highlight opportunities for change. In a simple, concise and exciting way. The films can call for collaboration between different subjects, group work, drama, music. What we need to think of and what we need to relate to! Unfortunately many of us in our generation just keep on living in a wrong way, a lot because of to little much due to too little knowledge. The films contribute to one of all ways, to learn to THINK ABOUT and to FIX THE BALANCE concerning EVERYTHING and us ALL! If we all help each other out, it will not be so much for each one of us. Via PEOPLE'S VOICE we have to influence politicians and those in power a lot!

WOW, that's a little scary. Every now and then it comes up on the news. What I already have in my feature films, a bit here and there, what I was afraid of and predicted, in the year 2020, when I made the films.

I WHO HOPED I WAS WRONG … But now they are completely in phase with time!

What I hope I'm not wrong with:

That I stay healthy and strong and happy and calm in my mind day in and day out. Thanks to my new, completely renovated body & soul, see my films. And right through healthy living. I don't even need a painkiller or vaccine! But this must stand for me only.

For example, my affected eyes I succeeded, slowly but surely and don't need any eye surgery! A MIRACLE! I'm overjoyed! For years, it's been working, pepper, pepper...