For you who want to sing / play in my digital

PEOPLE'S CHOIR - from around the World

You are, in that case a part of my E - Feature film - CLIMATE MUSIC when everything is ready.

1. Watch the music film below.

2. Learn to sing / play the small parts from the 3 different songs.

3. Then film when you sing / play them, in the same tempo and key as in the film

once per melody part is enough, just as in the film.

4. It is ok to improvise or dance, as long as you stick to the same tempo and key.

5. Then send the film to me, via sprend mail, and I'll fix the rest.

Right now I contact People over the whole world to participate! Very exciting!

the music film: B2,E2, PEOPLE'S CHOIR - YouTube


mel, drum, L.I.L. S.T.W. W.T.P.

choir, drum, L.I.L. S.T.W. W.T.P.

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