Music is magical!

What music can accomplish, I have experienced many times.

It has been with me all the time as a common thread in my life,

in joy as in sorrow.


I was born in Gothenburg in July 1948 and have been faithful to

Gothenburg / Mölndal except for short periods abroad,

i. a. studies at the University of Vienna and French interpreter in Tunisia.

In 1985, I moved into a charming five in a governor's house

at the top of old Masthugget, Gothenburg,

with the lovely Slottsskogen right next door.

The sea a quarter of a bus ride from here. Now I had "found home"!

I have 4 children born between 1973 and 1986

and 6 grandchildren born between 1995 and 2006.

I myself have taught my children and grandchildren to play various instruments.

They are involved in my music, Conserts and so on.

Our family business: TONARIA.

Our history is that we are faced with various problems:

DM (Dystrofia Myotonika), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder),

Grand Mal Epilepsi, ADHD, Dyslexi, Gluten intolerance, my eye problems VMT.

But we stick together and make the best of the situation.

And I'm stubborn. I never give up.

I have composed a lot over the years,

developed my own music pedagogyand written my own playbooks.

HAGSTEDT DICKSONS music school I have had since 1972,

and the Choir-Orchestra TONARIA since 1990

and I have a lot of Charity Concerts behind me.

I have written 3 books, see the link above:


I've tried a little bit of each when it comes to music.

I have been studying music attthe University of Gothenburg

and I have been taught to play recorder, clarinet, song, guitar,

saxophone, violin and flute.

I hav been a street musican of classical guitar,

among other things in Gothenburg, Greece and Spain.

I have been pause guitarist and pause pianist in the Jazz house in Gothenburg.

I have played clarinet in Gothenburg's youth symphony

amd in a student orchestra as the only girl.

I also have played violin in a folk music group.

I have made a feature film, see the first page.

I have a lot behind me and a lot in front of me

- still a lot to experience, many places to visit, new meetings...

- but most of all I have a lot inside me

- a lot more to give and to share...

My beloved cat Grålle, from the 60s,

who came back (?) as my as well beloved cat Oscar, 1993 - 2011

I live as I teach -

In Love to Everything and Everyone

I do not waste I recycle I sort

I do not litter down in Nature

I eat a lot of vegetarian food

I live very healthy, we all benefit from that...


Some words on the way

Wake up to life as cats do

Friendship heals

Music heals

Laugh hels

Even crying heals the soul

Nature gives power

Do not rush

Do let time decide

Follow the changes of the four seasons

Why else do we have them?

Wait and see

Try to crack your Life Code, find the key to your inner self,

find Your Thing in Life

Everyone has something

Learn to understand how everything is connected,

there is ameaning behind everything

Everything happens for a reason

And do not forget

From the pepths of and with all my Heart


Thank you for us all and everything in the whole Multiverse

such as Love and Being in the Eternal Cycle

Live well for both body and soul towards everything and all of us

Take care of yourself and love yourself as much as you love others

Open your eyes and "see" each other

Reward comes, more or less, sooner or later

Find the Balance in yourself

Then find the Balance - Human - Animals - Nature

Everything belongs together

The Balance between Animals and Nature already exists

Bur when Human harms Nature - ravages and poisons

and the Animals - tournments and exposes them to cruel animal experiments

then Human finally goes towards its own doom

and the innocent Animals also die

Everyone is dependent on each other - the idea from the beginning

Hug from Gitte