E23, CLIMATE RAP Á LA GITTE H. D. - how I found it out - YouTube

Bianca "Zerowaste": Thank you for the video, it's so lovely!

"Winter is here and snowflakes are falling. It is so cold the water turns into ice."

TONARIA is the name of this website and of my Choir-Orchestra,

and it comes from Ton-persON-vARIAtion:

variaed music, variatied persons and different ages

- a thought that pemeates my entire way of working

- a source of Joy, Inspiration and Learning.


And during all years we have had Charity Conserts, where we, in all our ages,

have learned that with music you can delight, not only yourself but also others,

and at the same time help those in need and those who suffer in different ways.

When I sorted out all the major performances with my musical 2006,

I realized, unfortunately, pretty soon that I had no one to hand over the baton to.

But now we can all instead take part in all the active years

that have been through the film!

Welcome to take part in the following memories that are

Inmortalized in sound and picture!

On my YouTube channel you'll find all these different films from

Concerts, music camps and parties over the years:

press: Q - KONSERTER / MUSIKAL, 1987 - ...

A lots of different lyrics, sheets and teaching materiels you can get as PDF files.

I have written playbooks in music, from 4 years and up,

according to my own pedagogy.

These you also can get from me, see: KONTAKT