Now or never is the time to change all of Humanity!

Wheter we should survive or not.

Wheter we will become worthy to continue living on our beloved

Mother Earth.

We start with the schools, because there you can influence everyone,

children as well as adults.

We have to do with our biggest challenge ever!

One lesson a week in the shools, named: Balance - Human - Animals - Nature.

Or, why not, morning meetings? Adapted to different ages,

how the children can handle it.

Where you talk about everything that happens in our world and discuss it,

both in large and in samll.

Be honest about the most serious, that the strong reaction to human

destruction of the earth already happens here and now in the world.

The nature responds more and more to every day.

And that we must do everything we can to try to slow down.

Live in Love to everything and all of us! Take care, across all borders!

All adults around the children should be involved in this!

You invite those in power and scientists + fantastic Greta Thunberg, who never

gives up, who are the great protector of young people around the whole world,

and who never betrays them.

Group work, drama, theater, music, outreaches, courting municipality, visiting

various environmental projects, have contact with the world, let those in power

held accountable and follow it up, so they really do their jobs and not let us

down anymore...

All the time follow everything so that cjanges become reality!

The whole world watches you!

I assume that you all want to do the best for your children

and grandchildren! Remeber that those in power also have children and

grandchildren who go to school! Now, now, now, this is it!

Everyone must become aware wehat happens and take responsibility!

Do not close but dare to see! We must all, in all ages, be helped!

Feel that we all have each other in the biggest

and most difficulties ever!

Mother Earth is truly worth all this...

I will get in touch with schools this autumn. I have my 3 feature films.

Love hugs to all of us from Gitte.

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Regarding Balance - Human - Animal - Nature

my generation really made it worse.

I now want to be involved and really make it better.

Corona, the alarm clock, came as a final warning to humanity!

Now the focus is so much on vaccination against Corona

= emergency measure.

Corona, the alarm clock, came as a final warning to humanity!

Put on just as much on the root of the evil,

that ruthless damage to Nature and Animals gave us Corona, yes all viruses.

Cease this injury immediately = direct action with lasting effect.

See how quickly we could rethink when Corona arrived!

See how we could work together and support each other. We can!

We are all on the same planet! We cannot escape.

We have no choice! It literally burns in the knots

regarding the survival of mankind!

It happens far too little and it goes far too slowly

in the struggle to rectify it.

The alarm bell has been ringing for far too long now.

Now or never! We're already downhill.

We must immediately brake, brake, brake!

The rulers need help. Now, now, now!

Take the researchers very seriously!

We the People, have the biggest role in the fight!

We the People, must, each one of us, do what is required of us.

We the People, must make sure that those in power

do what is required and stick to that.

We the People, must have much more to say about.

We the People, must act as commissioners.

Only then can changes for the better become reality!

Only then can we prevent humanity from perishing…

All in the signs of Love - the greatest power of all!

Then the evil disappears on top of that ...

Join, join, you too, united we will be the strongest!

Chick on, chick on!

Love hug from Gitte.

Think of our children and grandchildren and everything immediately

becomes so real ...

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